Tiger Woods Has Gone 16 Consecutive Weekend Rounds in Majors Without Breaking 70

Tiger Woods, the No. 1 ranked golfer in the world, has somehow managed to go 16 consecutive weekend rounds in majors — also known as eight straight majors — without breaking 70, and 25 of the last 28 rounds.

While it’s not entirely surprising to hear considering Tiger hasn’t won a major in five years, it’s still an astounding stat for a player of his level. So the dreaded chatter of “is Tiger back?” will continue on at a feverish pace despite his excellent year outside of not winning a major.

What’s also begun to happen as a result is that Tiger’s been slapped with a similar label A-Rod had tattooed on his back during postseason struggles, in that he “chokes in big spots.” It’s colossally unfair to do given his 14 major wins, but it’s all about what you’ve done in the last five minutes.

Take today’s Yankees-Tigers game in the Bronx. A-Rod has been booed, cheered, booed and cheered again, with probably more boos still to come. His standing with the Yankee Stadium crowd truly changes by the minute. So what Tiger’s accomplished in the past has, in a sense, been forgotten and all that matters is what he does at the next major. He can win everything in-between and it won’t make a difference. The 37-year-old has set the bar so impossibly high for himself that being in contention just won’t be enough. It’s a convenient, lazy take but every media member needs one of those.

Tiger said he’s been close in two of them, and he’s right, but we’ll continue to hear how he chokes at the big events until he wins another major. It’s unfortunate, yet very typical.

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