Hulk Hogan Likely to Kick Blaine Gabbert's Ass After Hearing QB's Theme Song [Video]

Some band called Rick Singleberry and The Casual Lovers have recorded a Blaine Gabbert theme song by spoofing Hulk Hogan’s spine-tingling “Real American” entrance music.

As one might expect, it’s downright putrid. So while Rick and the Lovers are clearly to blame here, it’s doubtful Hogan will have the patience and clarity to see that far, thus making Gabbert’s ass the lame duck in this dumpster fire. And remember, Hulk is conveniently based in Florida. I fully expect a thunderous sack during warmups when the Jags host the Chiefs in Week 1.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

“If you blitz him on third down, you’ll pay the price
He’ll hit his receiver, right in stride
Blaine is a real American
Damn straight the Jaguars are going to win”

Wow, these words are pretty special. The “vocalist” sounding like a dying pterodactyl is the fitting bonus we all needed.

[h/t Deadspin]

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