Johnny Manziel: Dumbest Player to Ever Play College Football? If He Sold Autographs, Kirk Herbstreit Thinks So

kirk-herbstreitKirk Herbstreit had this to say about Johnny Manziel and his purported autograph sales on a conference call with reporters today:

“either the most far-fetched story I’ve ever heard of, or he’s the dumbest player to ever play college football”

Strong words from ESPN’s No. 1 college football analyst, but here’s the best part – he actually said the same thing last week. I heard Mike & Mike play a clip of Herbstreit saying exactly that on College Football Live, and emailed ESPN trying to get the audio/video.

No luck.

Life got in the way, and I forgot to track it down. Now, Herbstreit says it on a conference call with reporters, and it’s finally getting traction.

In a way, of course, he’s right – Manziel couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to show up to a paid autograph signing and accept a briefcase of money while permitting folks to photograph/video the transaction. Fortunately, at least there’s no paper trail … yet. [via Al.com]

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