Man Attacks His Former High School Football Coach, Choking Him and Biting Him and Screaming "confess your sins"

jim wildman sharon football coachJim Wildman, the longtime football coach at Sharon High School in Western Pennsylvania, heard a pounding on his front door Sunday while he sat in his family room watching the PGA Championship.

The 66-year old coach went to see who it was, heard a man ranting “come out here,” but Wildman didn’t know him, so he closed his glass storm door. He told his wife to call the police.

Seconds later, the lunatic at the front door busted it down and attacked Wildman, punching him in the head, biting him (Wildman later needed 60 stitches) and nearly choking him to death before three neighbors pried the crazy man off him.

Wildman later found out who the attacker was – a man who played football for him 20 years ago. From the Post-Gazette:

Sharon police Chief Mike Menster identified the attacker at Joseph K. Koscinski, 38, of Sharon, who played football at Sharon High School for Mr. Wildman 20 years ago. Mr. Koscinski was in custody in a hospital Monday and faces charges of aggravated assault, burglary, reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats.

Koscinski was probably taken to a¬†psychiatric hospital because of the “confess your sins” ranting while choking his former coach. Also, probably the biting. [Post-Gazette]

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