Travis Johnson, Former First Round Bust, Says Undrafted Tony Romo Has Not Earned a Dollar He Has Been Given

Travis Johnson appeared on Comcast Sportsnet in Houston to talk about Tony Romo. Needless to say, he is not a big fan. Among the many choice things he had to say: Romo has “not earned a dollar he has been given”, “he is a thief”, and “he’s killing the franchise. There are 75,000 witnesses and nobody wants to testify against him.” Oh, and “the Cowboys have no passing game.”

Let’s look at the contrast between these players. Travis Johnson was drafted 16th overall by the Houston Texans in 2005, the same year that Tony Romo spent a full season on the Cowboys roster after making the team as an undrafted free agent. Johnson played on some bad defenses in Houston, and recorded 3 career sacks as a defensive tackle. After spending four years playing under his rookie contract (before the era when those were limited by agreement), Johnson did not return to Houston and spent two years as a backup in San Diego.

Romo, meanwhile, was given nothing early in his career. Yet, he’s the thief? That’s some funny stuff. Mike Tanier wrote about Romo being the gold standard when it comes to quarterback nonsense, and Travis Johnson is Exhibit 1,454. If ESPN is looking for a replacement to seamlessly move in and take over for Hugh Douglas, I think we’ve found him.

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