Rangers Will Give Away Unnerving Wrestling Masks to 10,000 Fans on Saturday

Rangers ultra-creepy mask give-away

The Texas Rangers will be the third baseball team to give away wrestling masks this season. The Cubs and Diamondbacks have already done it, and the masks those teams gave away looked a bit more elaborate than a large swimming cap with holes in it like the one pictured above. It also appears from the footage that Arizona upped the awkward ante and allowed fans over the age of 13 to get in on the action.

On Saturday night in Arlington, it’ll be 13 and under. And perhaps that’s the best route to take, as sitting next to some dude slamming beers and wearing a wrestling mask is a mortal lock to incite a spirited, over-the-row battle royal in the stands. By limiting the age, the Rangers have essentially avoided regretful sightings such as this ominous fellow taking in the game with his invisible girlfriend:

Wrestling mask, cowboy hat, LAID.

Inspiring stuff indeed.

[via ‏@HubbuchNYP]

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