Roundup: Chinese Zoo Shenanigans; People on Facebook Remain Easily Duped; Miley Cyrus Can't Stop Twerking

Skyfall - Royal World Premiere - ArrivalsKelly Brook … It bears repeating yet again: people on Facebook aren’t all that bright. … Chinese zoo tried to pass off a dog as a lion. (I applaud their brazenness.) … Jillian Conley is an author to “watch.”This report gives, ‘I’m a Toys R Us kid’ a whole new meaning. … People love watching Duck Dynasty, like in record numbers. … Openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz proposed to his boyfriend… 76ers owner buys the New Jersey Devils. … ‘That 70s Show’ actress Lisa Robin Kelly dead at 43. … Craig Robinson’s Flopps series never ceases to amaze. … Or if you prefer, here’s some 1980s NBA, 8-bit style. … Female Russian pole vaulter unhappy Swedish sprinted painted her nails like a rainbow flag, felt it was disrespectful to Mother Russia. … I need a new car. … People in Florida are reporting a lot more panthers sightings. … British library bans ‘Hamlet’ due to its violent themes. … Central Connecticut football player killed in car crash. … The unusual story about Seton Hall guard Tom Maayan and his return to the United State. … Superhero crossovers. … Joe Maddon and the Rays are so unconventional, Thursday they had a giant snake in the clubhouse! … “Cajun Justice” at LSU. … “JazzBros” are a thing, apparently. Happy 27th birthday Yu Darvish. … Your brain by the time this roundup is over (Sorry).

Inside the double life of Aaron Hernandez. [Boston Globe]

Miley Cyrus Twerking in a classy photoshoot by that Terry Richardson guy. [BroBible]

Baseball’s replay explained in further detail (there won’t be challenge flags). [USA Today]

A controversy-free, awesome Robert Griffin III story we all can enjoy. [Washington Post]

Jonathan Toews says it’s “naive” to think nobody in the NHL uses steroids. [Toronto Sun]

Hey remember Jonny Flynn? The lottery pick Jonny Flynn. [Grantland]

A history of bad sports writing. [Pacific Standard]

If you (somehow) haven’t picked a EPL team by now, Joe Posnanski has you covered! [NBC Sports]

Pro tip: don’t commit a crime in El Salvador. Ever. [Vice]

Scientists discover a new species of mammal, the olinguito, living in South America. [Smithsonian]

Watching a EPL game through the eyes of a keeper for 90 minutes. [WSJ]

People are still interviewing Ted Nugent for some reason. [Noisy]

Louis CK and Jon Stewart looked a lot different in the 90s. [Comic’s Comic]

My favorite blog writes about Breaking Bad. Fun. [TVMWW]

Sleepy Russian kid at the airport will make you laugh, cry and think about life. [H/T Slade]

The best case you could ever make for steroids being a good thing, brother.

If you need help getting through August dog days of television, “The Inbetweeners” is on Netflix and brings the laughs, albeit of a highly sophomoric variety. Fair warning. (Have you picked up on the Anglophile theme of this roundup yet?)

This U.S. Soccer goals audio-supercut is very fun. Jack Edwards is on his own level of patriotic nightmare fuel insanity … and we’re all better for it.

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