Ryan Braun Sued by Friend For Defamation Who Also Claims He Doped While In College -- Report

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Ryan Braun sounds like one hell of a guy. Last month he accepted a 65-game suspension from baseball for his involvement with Biogenesis. Friday evening comes a report from ESPN that a former friend is suing him for defamation. Ralph Sasson claims in the lawsuit filed last month, among other things, that Braun was a doper during his time at the University of Miami. He also alleges Braun accepted money and committed academic fraud.

Sasson was allegedly part of Braun’s plan to help get his positive test for elevated testosterone during his 2011 MVP campaign overturned. The report says Sasson, a law student, was used to run a background check on Dino Laurenzi Jr., the man who collected Braun’s positive sample.

Anything else?

The lawsuit also says that Braun asked Sasson to “prank call” ESPN “Outside the Lines” reporter Mark Fainaru-Wada, who was working with reporter T.J. Quinn on a story in December 2011 that Braun had failed a PED test. According to the lawsuit, Braun wanted Sasson to say, “the original information Quinn and Fainaru-Wada had obtained regarding Braun was part of an elaborate conspiracy to assassinate the character of multiple baseball players and agents including, but not limited to, Ryan Braun.”

Braun’s attorneys denied the claims.

This news breaks only a few hours after the report earlier today that Alex Rodriguez leak documents that linked Braun to MLB in the Biogenesis mess. (What’s that about instant replay, Bud?)

Again, Ryan Braun sounds like one hell of a guy. At least his pal Aaron Rodgers isn’t suing him.

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