Australian Baseball Player Picks Up 7-10 Split With Two Baseballs, Raises Healthy Suspicion [Video]

This mind-blowing video of Australian baseball player Scott Wearne knocking down bowling pins by throwing a baseball found its way onto SportsCenter last night. The second baseman’s successful navigation of a 7-10 split was enough to earn him No.1 on the show’s “Top Plays” segment.

It then took all of four seconds for anchors Stan Verrette and Neil Everett to question its authenticity.

Allow me to add my own enormous dollop of skepticism to the conversation. It’s just too remarkable to be real. I can’t face a world where a human being can perform this feat.

Real or otherwise, finding a bowling alley that let a bunch of dudes hurl baseballs down the lane is an impressive accomplishment.

[Los Angeles Times]

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