Team New Zealand's Boat Crashes During Louis Vuitton Cup [Video]

When did high-end racing sailboats turn into things that looks more like a spaceships than actual boats? Anyways, here’s a crash from this weekend’s Louis Vuitton Cup race in San Francisco Bay. The Emirates Team New Zealand boat is going pretty fast, so fast in the choppy water it submerges and knocks a pair of crewman overboard. According to the race’s official website, the New Zealand team still won the race and leads Luna Rosa Challenge 1-0.

Admittedly my knowledge of competitive sailing is minimal and basically limited to the movie “One Crazy Summer.” Hopefully actor Curtis Armstrong was on hand to dive into the water and rescue the soggy crew. (That scene isn’t online, this slightly altered montage clip is pure gold.)

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Because you want to see it first!

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