Roundup: Oscar Pistorius Indicted for Murder, the Return of Dave Chappelle & Harrison Ford Pointing at Things

Luisa-ZissmanLuisa ZissmanDave Chappelle is returning to standup, get excited! … these men long many miles for no reasonfour people survive grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone … pastor races into the water to save shark bite victim … the hottest female athletes on Instagram … who are the highest paid DJs in the world, and what do they make? … really ugly story about Florida releasing its rapists and child molestersposters for fake Seinfeld movies … look what this moron left at the crime scene … “Chubby Checker can sue HP over genital-measuring app” …

What was it like covering Charlie Manuel? [Philly.com]

“Oscar Pistorius was indicted Monday on charges of murder and illegal possession of ammunition for the shooting death of the double-amputee Olympian’s girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.” [AP]

The long Aaron Hernandez profiles chronicling his family’s history keep rolling in. [Providence Journal]

Kliff Kingsbury is sick of retailers using his image to sell stuff. [Lubbock Online]

College football – Revenge of the Nerds. [SI]

Cool story about the feds shutting down a $5 million betting ring in Texas. [Betting Talk]

UFC fighter talks about the time he broke the nose of a terrorist while sparring. [Fox Sports]

Quinton Coples, the Jets DE who was moved to LB, suffered a fractured ankle, and will be out for at least the first three weeks of the season. [NY Post]

“Rock star John Mellencamp’s two teenaged sons face felony battery charges stemming from a July incident during which police say they punched and kicked a 19-year-old man they assaulted on his front porch.” [Herald Times Online]

Philip Fulmer uses the phrase ‘down cycle’ – which I haven’t heard since She’s the One – then says the Tennessee admin is to blame for the football team’s recent struggles. [AL.com]

The Navy football team has brothers named Wave and Blaze Ryder. [Baltimore Sun]

Tony Wroten, don’t hurt ’em.

This is a remake of Sabotage, featuring librarians. [via Boing Boing]

Harrison Ford pointing at things.

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