Following Friction on Golf Channel Set, Ahmad Rashad Moves Off Morning Drive to "New Role" [UPDATE]

morningdriveteamSix months ago, the Golf Channel announced a splashy move – the ‘Morning Drive’ was going to seven days a week, and longtime TV host Ahmad Rashad was joining the cast. Rashad, a former star receiver in the NFL, was to co-host ‘Morning Drive’ two days a week with Kelly Tilghman.

It didn’t go so well.

Depending on whom you talk to, Rashad and Tilghman didn’t get along. Chemistry was so bad, the Golf Channel recently made the decision to move Rashad into another role.

A golf channel spokesman confirmed the move to The Big Lead, saying, “Ahmad is still a member of Morning Drive and the Golf Channel family, we’re just switching his focus.” The spokesman said Rashad will do player profiles and features and “look to play to his strengths.” I’m told Damon Hack will replace Rashad as co-host on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the Golf Channel spokesman refused to confirm that.

[UPDATE: August 20th – Ahmad Rashad has not only left the show, but the network. He has landed at Back9Network. Jeff Pomeroy of JDP Communications sent out a press release about it.]

Ratings for the ‘Morning Drive’ on the Golf Channel have been surprisingly strong so far this year. People really like the show.

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