Jorts-Wearing Russian Comes Out of Stands, Takes MMA Fight on 45-Seconds Notice, Wins By Spectacular Knockout

Russia is the best. This video comess from a Russian MMA show over the weekend. According to Middle Easy, one of the guys who was supposed to fight was a no-show. So the ring announcer asks if there is anyone who wants to step in. Since this is Russia, some dude named Dmitry, who is wearing jorts, immediately stands up and takes off his shirt. Dmitry has apparently trained some wrestling as you can see when he lands a takedown 2-seconds into the fight. The referee stands them back up since they went through the twine rope and Dmitry goes on to knock out his opponent a few seconds later.


I encourage you to watch the entire video because it really is amazing. This is a ring full of sand. There are motorcycles and trucks parked all around the ring. There are multiple cameras capturing the action. Only Bellator and the UFC have production values approaching that of “Arrows.”

[Middle Easy]

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