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Otis Nixon to Police: The Crack and Crack Pipes Belong to My Son, Not Me

Image (1) Otis-Nixon.jpg for post 273252Otis Nixon, the longtime MLB outfielder who was busted in May with crack and a crack pipe in his vehicle, has been indicted on cocaine possession charges. During a May traffic stop, police found a bag of crack cocaine and a pipe in his pocket, then more crack and another pipe in the vehicle he was driving. Keep that in mind when you hear what he told police, according to the Marietta Daily Journal:

The Cherokee deputy wrote in the report that Nixon claimed the crack and pipes were not his but belonged to his son.

“Otis told me his son used his truck and must have left the crack,” the officer wrote. “Otis said he was always finding drugs and drug objects left by his son.”

Nixon went on to tell the deputy that he planned to get rid of the pipe found in his pocket, the report says.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nixon, who looks like death on a popsicle stick in this terrifying mugshot, is 54.

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