Ron Jaworski Continues to Say Dumb Things About Quarterbacks. This Time, it's Colin Kaepernick.

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Ron Jaworski had his pants pulled down earlier this summer by our own Jason Lisk when Jaws put out his QB ‘rankings’ and listed Joe Flacco ahead of Drew Brees. No statistical data backed up his silly claim, but hey, it made for a great sound byte.

Jaws was at it again Wednesday, this time, hyping Colin Kaepernick – whom everyone loves – as having the potential to be “the best QB arguably in the history of the NFL.”

This isn’t just absurd or embarrassing – but I’d characterize it as the dumbest thing Ron Jaworski has said since he started working in TV. (Yes, I’ve heard every word Jaws has uttered on TV.)

Colin Kaepernick has started 10 games in his NFL career (seven regular season, three playoffs). Yes, he was electrifying in those 10 starts, posting tremendous numbers. His speed in the read option caught almost every defense (not the Rams) by surprise, but dammit Jaws, can we wait for Kaepernick to start a full season’s worth of games before bloviating?

Can we wait for teams to see him a 2nd time around? Can we see how he does without Michael Crabtree?

I love Colin Kaepernick’s style, and I loved listening to Joe Buck saying his name over and over in the playoff romp against Green Bay.

But can you say with 100 percent certainty he’s the best QB in his division right now?

Pipe down, Jaws.

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