Alligator Named Kobe On the Run After Escaping Upstate New York Home

kobe-gator kobe-gator-2

Kobe, a 3-and-a-half foot alligator, ran away from home on Thursday night while his owner was cleaning his cage. Kobe, a resident of New Lebanon, New York, lived just 30 feet from a river so nearby waterways are being searched.

According to police, Kobe was last seen wearing a blue collar. You know – so as to not confuse him with other loose alligators in the Upstate New York area. As you can see by the picture, the alligator was Instagram-obsessed and appeared to be a little too pleased with himself. If you see an alligator matching Kobe’s description, shout “Pass the ball!” If he turns, glares and sticks out his lower jaw and hisses, please call authorities.

[CBS 6 Albany, NYS Police FB]

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