Bob Knight's 1980s Golf Show is Worth Celebrating Once a Week [Video]

Bob Knight had an informative golf show in the 1980s, one that we’ve definitely discussed before. But we’re back discussing it again because this video of outtakes is one of those treasures you keep bookmarked in the interest of happily revisiting every few months.

As one might expect, Knight’s first words in the video are “oh shit, f**k me, c**ksu**in’ motherf**er.” So elegant, so graceful.

A truly wonderful moment comes at the 2:11 mark following a shot out of the bunker that results in Knight throwing his club and screaming obscenities as though the piece of iron betrayed him on national television.

At the 3:30 mark, he actually says “Pizza Hut is to appetite what Jack Nicklaus is to golf.” My guess is that Knight berated himself in the mirror for a good three days after realizing he said those words.

The absolute must-see moment comes in the final minute when Knight cuts a promo for the show that naturally ends with him talking about staying away from home to “avoid all the bullshit your wife gives you.” That of course leads to a splendid blowup with the producer.

This footage is why you should love Bob Knight even though you should probably hate Bob Knight. What a beautiful study of unreasonable emotions.

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