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Philly Columnist Accuses Ken Griffey Jr. of PED Use, Went on Seattle Radio and Got Destroyed

Seattle Mariner Ken Griffey Jr. (R) clowns around

Marcus Hayes, a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, recently went on Twitter and for some reason decided to insinuate Ken Griffey Jr.’s late-career drop-off was possibly due to PED use. Here’s a sampling from Hayes’ blind-speculation.

Griffey is an icon in Seattle, so Sports Radio KJR had Hayes on to discuss his tweets. It didn’t go so well for Hayes, who kept trying to insinuate Griffey’s drop-off in the late 1990s was more than a coincidence. Eventually he hung up.

It’s sad this is what it’s come to with baseball and looking back at the last two-plus decades of the game. Somebody can make baseless accusations on Twitter about a guy maybe using something and then it becomes a story, since all players are under the cloud of suspicion due to the lack of testing until 2006. [H/T @mickbricks]

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