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Bo Pelini Smashed a Player's Cell Phone With a Hammer, Pranked His Entire Team [Video]

Nebraska’s Bo Pelini is a dead ringer for Ashton Kutcher, so it shouldn’t be a surprise the defensive-minded coach shares a love of pranks. He recently pulled a rather successful one on his team with the help of senior defensive tackle Thad Randle.

When Randle’s cell phone “accidentally” rang during a team meeting, Pelini sensibly smashed it with a hammer during a fit of rage. The Cornhuskers then sat silently as Randle and the hammer-wielding coach had it out in the hallway.

All of this was a precursor to the big reveal of a team-building movie night.

The packed meeting room reacted as if it was the greatest thing they’d ever seen, so they either really believed Pelini would smash a phone with a hammer or there are an inordinate number of theater majors on the team.

[Big Ten Network]

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