Lingerie Football Coach Now Swearing at Players in the Playoffs

Keith Hac, head coach of the Lingerie (Legends) Football League’s Chicago Bliss, made quite an impression online earlier this year when the the league posted a clip of him screaming like a maniac at his players. The highlight of that video was Hac screaming, “I’m going to [BLEEP] you in the face!” Hac is back with a “highlight” video from the LFL playoffs. He’s swearing at women in their underpants again.

Even better, the women are screaming at each other. The Los Angeles Temptations’ Monique Gaxiola and Chicago’s Heather Furr get into it while mic’d up. It is super charming. The trash talk in the LFL is so hilarious because it is so forced.

“Hey! When did you become a referee? Let him call the game!”

“I’d much rather be on this team than that one!”

“Go back to your huddle, bitch!”

Ray Lewis would have fit right in in this league. Los Angeles won the game, 31-18 so you’ll have to wait until next season for more Keith Hac in your life.

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