Joe Flacco Picture on Outside of Denver Stadium Has Broncos Fans Upset

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The Denver Broncos get to host the Baltimore Ravens on the opening night broadcast on NBC, because Baltimore had a conflict with the Orioles also having a game, that MLB would not move to earlier in the day. Joe Flacco, though, will not be denied his super giant picture on the outside of a stadium for opening night. This week, crews have begun work on the outside of the stadium in advance of the opener, and Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco are both prominently displayed.

Flacco is also featured in other signage around town as the NFL promotes its opening night.

This has led to some complaints from folks, clearly people that have the time to get outraged about such things and take action to cure the world’s important ills. There is even an online petition to get the Joe Flacco poster removed.

I do think it’s pretty rude of the NFL to do this. My suggestion is that they remove the Flacco sign, tout suite, and replace it with a giant poster of Rahim Moore.

[photo via KDVR.com]

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