New York Mets Trade Marlon Byrd to Pirates on Marlon Byrd T-Shirt Giveaway Night


It keeps getting worse for the New York Mets. A day after the team found out its second-year ace Matt Harvey would be shut down with a tear in his elbow, it traded away veterans Marlon Byrd and John Buck to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In classic, stress classssssssic, Mets fashion Tuesday night happens to be Byrd T-Shirt giveaway day. Why the Mets decided to devote a promotional giveaway to a fourth outfielder with a previous PED suspension is a question for another day.

As WFAN host Mike Francesa often says, the Mets could “find a way to screw up a one-car funeral.”

And now that Buck is gone, Harvey is going to have to find another shoulder to cry on.

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