Roundup: ESPN's Journalistic Integrity, 16-foot Crocodile & Aaron Paul's Breaking Bad Audition Tape

selena-gomezSelena Gomez … there’s something called a ‘boyfriend app‘ … armed robbery Sunday night on the Duke campus … Wall Street Journal goes after NYT sports editor … suddenly, the media loves Media Take Out! … the gorgeous Monica Bellucci is getting a divorce … on Miley: “many people in this country are still pre-occupied with slut-shaming and coded racial condescension in the context of entertainment” … are left-handed people smarter? … Oregon’s cheerleading staff deserves a better ranking than this … former rapper/Michigan State signee will play college football at junior college … man throws “explosive” at neighbor’s pit bull … MLB fans love bobblehead night … 16-foot crocodile kills 26-year old man …

The Cardinals take over first place from the Pirates. [Post Dispatch]

“MLB Advanced Media, the digital media company of Major League Baseball, is branching out into the licensing business.” [NYT]

College football programs spend a lot of money on coaches. Are they getting their money’s worth? [Post Gazette]

“How Mountain West football could help the Sox win a title.” [Crain’s Chicago]

Former ESPN writer: “The shame is in misleading the public by trying to maintain a pretense of unfettered journalistic integrity that simply cannot exist.” [Jersey Slant]

Guess who’s buttocks they’re talking about? “They called it flat. They called it skinny. They compared it to chicken bones and soggy bread.” [Sydney Morning Herald]

LSU offensive lineman retires due to concussions. [Star Telegram]

You know who has helped Louisville athletics more than anyone? ESPN. [NYT]

“Minnesota Vikings fullback Jerome Felton has been suspended without pay for the first three games of the 2013 regular season for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.” [Pioneer Press]

Someone driving while talking on the phone nearly causes an accident. So the other driver smashes the phone. Brilliant! [via Hot Clicks]

This is why you hang punching bags instead of holding them. [via Adam]

Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad audition tape.

Little girl befriends Gorilla at the zoo.

Because you want to see it first!

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