Roundup: College Football is Back, T-Mac Retired, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Has Baby With Lenny Dykstra's Son

brittany-snowBrittany Snow … cats, man … New York Times’ website attacked … Kim Jong-un’s ex-lover executed by firing squad … PornHub released the top search terms for each state … NJ train deaths continue to mount despite safety initiative … teacher gets 30 days in jail for rape of 14yo student who killed herself … David Beckham at a Dodgers’ game with his daughter … NSFW video of some ladies THROWING DOWN … don’t let your son be like Robin Thicke … “sex-for-lodging” plan doesn’t go as well as planned in Michigan  … 12-year old has garage sale for mom, it goes viral … Jurassic Prank … Roger Bucklesby hated the park and everyone in it … list of the top food bloggers of all-time … guy goes overseas for a couple months and his room got a makeover …. do you even fish tank bro? 

FOX Sports 1. Your ratings. Woof. [Variety]

Some myths and facts about angel dust. [TIME]

Tito Ortiz brought up slavery when talking about the UFC. [SI.com]

Howard Schnellenberger belongs in the Hall of Fame. [WDRB]

Phillip Rivers, faith and football. [LA Times]

The Golf Channel wanted to know your golf dream on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. [I Wish Your Blog Was Here]

Seven rules of college football gambling. [The Solid Verbal]

Who is the fastest man in Kansas City? [The Telegraph]

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Cutter Dykstra had a son. [E!]

Elliot Johnson pretended to be a NASCAR driver the other night. [MLB]

MAC football preview. [Plain-Dealer]

Study: People more likely to eat delicious food after their favorite team loses. [WTOP]

One insane young fan was at the US Open last night. [Business Insider]

There are cameras everywhere so you shouldn’t pick your nose if you’re a baseball player.

Don’t try a wheelie in a ditch. Or if you do, record it.

Thomas the Tank Engine crashes set to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.” [via Warming Glow]

Keg toss done with explosives. This video will lead to people losing limbs.

The trailer for Dallas Buyers Club.

Tracy McGrady retired. Quick! Debate his career!

Since Catherine Zeta-Jones is single …

Because you want to see it first!

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