Craig Kimbrel's Stare is Much Less Imposing Away From the Mound

Every good baseball closer has his own personal trademark. There have been finger points, arm crosses, specific songs, you name it, a closer has probably tried to incorporate it into his ninth-inning routine. The trademark for Braves’ closer Craig Kimbrel is an imposing stare down.

His stare was on display recently at MLB’s Fan Cave as he went 1-on-1 with some fans in a staring contest. The fans actually got the better of the 25-year-old Alabama native a couple times. Doubt they’d have much luck against him in the batter’s box with his 80 strikeouts in 54.2 innings for the National League East leaders.

Maybe somebody should hook him up with Conan O’Brien and Andy Ritcher. Do they still do staring contests on the show? Haven’t watched in nearly a decade.

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