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Malcolm Mitchell Tears ACL On Air Bump With Todd Gurley, Out For Season

Joining the ranks of Bill Gramatica, Kendry Morales and a host of other leaping marvels is one of the things every college and pro athlete prays to avoid. Unfortunately, for fans of the Georgia Bulldogs, Malcom Mitchell just crashed the party with a towering belly flop onto the cake. The junior wide receiver is out for the year with a torn ACL after doing a jump and bump with Road Runner of a running back, Todd Gurley following his 75-yard gallop.

To have this happen to Mitchell in the first game of the season makes the news doubly painful. Hard not to feel for the guy, but even harder to stomach knowing how easily it could have been avoided.

I’ve always cringed whenever I see the home run hop in baseball — something we’ve seen less and less of since the Morales injury — and the jump and bumps often seen in hoops and football. This celebration must be replaced at once by a celebratory punch to the face or a spirited double ear slap. Something, anything, as long as both athletes involved in the celebration remain stationary.

The floor — field? — is now yours, Bill:

[via @ajcuga]

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