Two Men Arrested Breaking into Wrigley Field and Attempting to Steal Ivy

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs

If you go on vacation to Chicago, after a late night of beers and deep dish pizza, how do you cap off the fun? By breaking into Wrigley Field and trying to steal some of the ivy covering the outfield wall, duh. That’s apparently what two 25-year-olds from Pennsylvania attempted to do over the weekend.

Here’s the most amazing aspect of the story: both men are over 6-feet-tall, yet somehow squeezed through the metal security bars and climbed through a window to get onto the field. That’s some serious Houdini-level maneuvering.

When police arrived, the two were “found on the field, as they were trying to get ivy,” said Chicago Cubs spokesman Julian Green.

It remains unclear what the guys were planning to do if they successfully got away with the ivy before being picked on security cameras and then arrested for misdemeanor trespassing. That’s a long drive back to Pennsylvania hauling stolen flora.

This story makes me wonder: has anyone ever tried to break into Shea Stadium or now Citi Field and tried to abscond with the Mets’ home run apple? That would look fairly tremendous in your backyard. Nobody would think twice, either, if they saw the apple strapped to the roof of your car as your drove across the Whitestone Bridge, either.

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