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Alabama: Nike Contract Mandates Administrators Wear Nike Golf Attire

Nick Saban Golf

Television, through money, exerts an undue influence upon college athletics. The same thing happens with shoe companies. According to the Portland Business Journal, Alabama’s Nike contract “mandates” that top university officials must wear Nike clothing on golf outings.

The University of Alabama’s contract with Nike stipulates that¬†“upper-level” administrators must wear Nike gear, seemingly mandating that university officials must wear Nike golf shoes on outings with donors. All of the contracts require athletic department personnel to wear the apparel of the sponsoring company.

No advertising quite like old guys wearing sleek golf attire. We presume they must shank optimized¬†Nike balls into the woods as well. We presume Saban’s pleated khakis wick away sweat and reduce wind drag by 15 percent.

Because you want to see it first!

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