Rugby Players Take Tougher Selfies Than Normal People


Toby Flood, an English rugby player for the Leicester Tigers, was injured in a preseason game this weekend. Flood was taken off the field on a stretcher in a neck brace, but only spent a few hours in the hospital undergoing concussion tests. Flood, who has been knocked out before, was injured during a time when rugby associations are dealing with concussion problems just like the NFL. From the Telegraph:

“It’s a massive thing. We have seen all the reports coming from American football, read the literature about the possible onset of dementia down the line, so it is so important that we educate all our members about the issue.

There is no black and white solution so what is key is that everyone is aware of what is out there in terms of research. Players have to take responsibility as well as clubs.”

Yet another beautifully violent sport with concussion problems. Flood tweeted this picture from the stretcher asking, “How’s everyone else’s day going?” There is no word on how long Flood will be out, but if it is up to him, it probably won’t be long.

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