Brian Urlacher Says the Bears Had a Designated Diver to Fake Injuries

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Brian Urlacher was discussing faking injuries on the Fox Football Daily show, in regard to some of the incidents from this weekend in college, and dropped a fairly interesting nugget. Urlacher has only been away from the game for a few months, so this seems like one of those things that probably was supposed to stay in house. Bring it out in an interview 20 years from now at the Super Bowl, that sort of thing.

Urlacher claims that the Bears designated a dive person on defense, and that a coach would give a signal like a diving motion. Then, the player would hit the ground. Gonna guess that somebody on the Georgia staff did a Greg Louganis impersonation before this:

Also, remember the Deon Grant flop a couple of years ago? The Giants just got confused as to who the designated diver was. Yeah, Urlacher probably revealed something that several teams are doing, and he’s just confirming that the Code Red came from higher up.

Because you want to see it first!

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