The Jason McIntyre Show: Talking to Jay Glazer, Fox Sports

The Jason McIntyre Show: Talking to Jay Glazer, Fox Sports


The Jason McIntyre Show: Talking to Jay Glazer, Fox Sports

jay glazerFootball is less than 48 hours away, and to celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite sport, we invited Fox’s Jay Glazer to the podcast. The scoop-happy TV host (Fox Football Daily, 6 pm) trains NFL athletes in the offseason and if you find yourself in proximity to Glazer at a bar, plant yourself, because his stories border on legendary. Carve out 35 minutes for this one:

* Jay Glazer’s first job? Bodyguard to radio legend Mike Francesa at the NFL draft when Francesa had to use the bathroom.
* Jay Glazer on himself as a 20-something reporter: “I was definitely a little shit head.”
* Jay Glazer sold vacuums door-to-door at the Jersey shore.
* Old media hated Jay Glazer on his rise to scoop city. “They treated me like crap.” Once, a relatively prominent NFL writer – he didn’t want to name him, but I’ll drop hints in the comments until you guess him – went around bad-mouthing Glazer to the media few years ago. Glazer met up with him at Packers practice …
* Jay Glazer on how twitter has turned reporting into an ‘awful business’ – people are often wrong and nobody cares.
* What does he tell athletes that he trains in the offseason? “If you eff up off the field, it’s on you, not me.”
* Player that impressed Glazer the most this offseason? Kenny Stills of the Saints. He was labeled a punk at Oklahoma.
* Tough class Glazer had to make: NFL player he’s trained gets popped for Adderall. Glazer calls him. Player asks Glazer not to write about it. Good story.

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