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Texas Fired Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz, Will Replace Him With Greg Robinson


Texas has fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, according to OrangeBloods.com. The move, coming a day after Texas conceded an apocalyptic 550 yards on the ground to BYU, was no surprise. Diaz already had a short leash, after Texas plummeted from 9th to 85th in yards allowed per play during his second season. Yesterday, when asked if Diaz would be the coach next week, Mack Brown replied coldly that he had to watch the game tape.

Diaz joined Texas in 2011, after improving Mississippi State into a Top 25 defense in just one year. After a strong first season at Texas, he was presumed to be a head coaching candidate in the imminent future. Now, his road will be longer. Though understandable, dumping Diaz is a bit of a cop-out. It has been quite clear Texas’ myriad of problems go far beyond Diaz’ stewardship. This is padding a gaping chest wound with gauze.

In a move fitting for the present farce, Mack Brown will try to relive the glory days with former coordinator Greg “Gerg” Robinson. Since leaving Texas after the 2004 season, Robinson dismantled a once decent Syracuse program, compiling a 3-25 record in the Big East. He followed that by “coordinating” Michigan defenses that finished 76th and 101st in yards allowed per play. Late in his tenure he was found rubbing players with stuffed animals as a motivational tactic.

Ole Miss next week should be interesting.

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