Gene Simmons Owns an Arena League Team, and Would Like Tim Tebow to Join the LA Kiss


Tim Tebow to Jacksonville! Tim Tebow to the CFL! Well, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS would like for Tebow to party every day for the next three years in Los Angeles, playing for their team, the LA KISS.

This is in no way a publicity stunt. These men, who just became part of a group that purchased the expansion team that starts this season, are versed in the scouting of talent and believe that Mr. Tebow is primed to succeed in a league that throws forward passes to eligible receivers on almost every play. I mean, what could go wrong in a league where the fans sit right next to the field of play?



Well, I am sensing a promotional opportunity here. Tim Tebow authentic game-used football giveaway night. It would be every game.

The press release promises to “offer intense training and unwavering commitment” to Tebow hoping to take him to the “next level.” The next level in this case being as a circus sideshow. Gene Simmons added the following:

Acquiring Tebow would not only be a great investment for the team, but his exciting style of play would definitely send shockwaves through the League. We’re excited for the opportunity to see him with an LA KISS uniform on, and for the LA KISS fans to be rockin’ their Tebow shirts and jerseys.”

And there you have it, everyone can now add a LA Kiss jersey to those wonderful Broncos and Jets items. When it comes to owners rooting for their team to get Tim Tebow while the football people cackle, Gene Simmons > Robert Kraft.

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