ESPN Told Cameraman to 'Never Leave' Robert Griffin III During Monday Night Football


ESPN had special orders for one lucky camera operator during Monday night’s Redskins/Eagles game — NEVER TAKE YOUR LENS OFF ROBERT GRIFFIN III. Okay, that’s the Cliffs Notes version of the orders affixed to a camera inside FedEX Field which an eagle-eyed fan snapped a picture of and posted to Twitter.

There were also notes from ESPN producers to stick with RG3 if he appeared injured or frustrated as well as cutting to shots of his family in the stands should something positive occur.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

ESPN loves attaching itself to star athletes, and coming into the season RG3 is among the biggest stars in the NFL. His return from tearing up his knee last season is a big deal. People wanted to tune in and watch RG3, although he quickly became the secondary story to Chip Kelly’s high-flying Eagles offense.

The lines tend to get blurred, however, when ESPN covers (and airs) games, but also carves out an hour of primetime programming to run a one-hour promo for Griffin III like it did a couple weeks ago with the ‘Will to Win’ documentary. [Image via @AdamBitely]

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