Four Women Remade Froggy Fresh's "Dunked On" Video in What Looks Like an Enjoyable Office

Why is James crying? CUZ HE JUST GOT DUNKED ON!

Remember that? “Dunked On” was the true song of the summer by Froggy Fresh. Now, just two short months later, we have “She Got Dunked On” by… Kanoodle. It appears to be a new website with what looks like a fun office full of women dressed in tiny Knicks and Bulls uniforms. Also, they have $2 margaritas and Twerk It Tuesday. Sounds like a wonderful company.

For some reason they made this tribute/response/cover video of the amazing original. Short shorts and a couple name changes. I’m scratching my head. Compare it to the original. Or just watch the original. And wait patiently for basketball season.

Because you want to see it first!

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