NFL Considering a $100,000 Fine for Ndamukong Suh for the Low Block Against John Sullivan


Ndamukong Suh could get a fine of $100,000 for his low block on the interception return Sunday, when he took out Vikings center John Sullivan from behind, according to Jay Glazer. He was penalized on the play, and the interception return was nullified.

This one is based on reputation preceding him. Yes, it was a borderline move, some would consider cheap. When are we going to hear about the punishment for Clay Matthews? I am interested to see where the dividing line on fines is there. Also, David DeCastro took out his own teammate while (poorly) attempting to cut a defender. Guessing that we are not punishing the intent, but rather the execution.

Suh’s list of past transgressions are long. You’ve got the incident with Matt Schaub last year. A year earlier, it was the stomp. Before that, numerous personal fouls. For some, it won’t be enough. Suh has a way of getting into the middle of the league’s crosshairs, and we will see if he avoids suspension.

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