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Clemson Fan's Bedroom Gets Gamecocks Redecoration by Roomates While on Vacation

This guy went on vacation. He is a Clemson fan. While he was gone, his roomates painted his room South Carolina colors and replaced all his stuff with Gamecocks gear. He got back and was very upset.

Who is the joke really on though? The pranksters spent hundreds of dollars and lots of time painting, shopping and decorating. The Clemson fan got a free room painting and his room looks furnished. The pranked guy with all the free work and souvenirs should be he winner in this scenario, but he’s an irrational college football fan so something like sleeping under a blanket with an opposing school’s logo on it is beyond him.

Here’s the before picture:


And here is the after picture:


How dare those jerks improve his quality of living so much?

Because you want to see it first!

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