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Columnist Can No Longer Write About South Carolina, Because That's What Steve Spurrier Wants [UPDATE]

Clowney SpurrierSteve Spurrier, the South Carolina football coach, has a likeable grandfather quality to him. Everyone loves how he wants to give college football players some extra money, and everyone laughs when Spurrier shows up shirtless to practice, or takes chances on the football field because he’s a fearless gambler.

Also, Steve Spurrier is a bully.

According to a detailed, damaging report from Jim Romenesko, Spurrier grew so angry with The State columnist Ron Morris over the last couple years, he got him banned from attending South Carolina press conferences, but merely writing about the team. Romenesko reports that:

Early this year, publisher Haitz – a Penn State graduate, by the way – told Morris he could no longer write about Gamecocks football.

“They made him sign a long list of things he could not do,” says a Morris friend.

I emailed and called Morris for comment, but have not heard back yet. [UPDATE: Morris writes: “I’m not allowed to talk to media, per company policy.”]

A quick glimpse at his most recent columns shows Morris isn’t writing about the Gamecocks, even though they’ve played two nationally-televised games to open the season (win, loss).

Spurrier told Romenesko he was fed up with Morris writing and saying things about him that weren’t “true,” but the coach was dodgy about whether or not he complained to the paper’s publisher about Morris.

It gets worse, if that’s possible.

Last month, The State added a Gamecocks reporter – Glenn Snyder – to its staff. He happens to be a self-proclaimed “Super Fan.” Guess who got him the job there?

Steve Spurrier.

Spurrier told Romenesko he did talk to the paper’s publisher in helping land Snyder the job.

Sources tell me Roadhouse 3 will be filmed in Columbia, South Carolina, and Hollywood is currently casting the for the role of Steve Spurrier.

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