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Former Oklahoma State QB Discussed Strange "Interview" With SI's Thayer Evans

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Former Oklahoma State quarterback Aso Pogi, now a youth pastor, was quoted in Sports Illustrated’s exposé. His description of the interview is a bit disconcerting, if you are concerned with journalism ethics. Pogi claimed his quote “It’s a big deal. I was the starting quarterback” was used out of context to the Tulsa World. He also pointed out that Thayer Evans wrote down no notes and, if he was recording the interview, made no mention of it.

He didn’t even take notes. We were just conversing. It was just a conversation in my office. He didn’t take notes. He didn’t pull out a (recorder). He didn’t define anything. He just wanted to talk to me about it, you know? I said, ‘oh, OK.’ Again, I’m thinking that this is something else, like OSU quarterbacks from back in the day and wanting to quote me on what I thought about so-and-so or whatever. That’s really what I thought this was about. He did not put a (recorder) up there and say ‘this is an interview for Sports Illustrated. I’m going to be recording this.’ None of that happened. Absolutely not.

Journalism is not, under the strict definition, a profession. Rules can be nebulous. But, hiding a tape recorder in your pocket, at best, is disingenuous. At worst, unethical. 

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