Teen with Special Needs Scores Heartwarming Touchdown in Middle School Game

Meet Jacob Brock. The 13-year-old from Warsaw, Ind., is autistic and also suffers from cerebral palsy.  He also recently had surgery on his legs that will prolong his ability to walk.

Through it all Brock loves sports, especially football.

On Tuesday the Lakeview and Edgewood Middle Schools allowed Brock to score a touchdown in a game thanks to the work of Brock’s teacher Tiffany Alberts. It’s a very nice moment.

WSBT outside South Bend, Ind. covered the play and provides some more details from the participating players:

“It was emotional to me because he has some really severe disabilities and I’ve heard him get bullied and stuff,” said 13-year-old Jacob Rios, who was on the field when it happened. “Just because you have a disability or anything doesn’t mean other people can say stuff and they can stop you. As you can see, Jacob ran for a touchdown.”

“They have no idea how much we appreciate what they did,” said Jacob’s step-mom, Charity Brock, as tears filled her eyes.

It would take a cynic’s cynic not to appreciate this one.  [Via Stacey Page Online]

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