Swiss Soccer Team Wants Pregame Strippers to Boost Attendance

FC Luzern v Servette FC - Swiss Super League

The owner of Swiss soccer club FC Luzern has a novel idea how to boost attendance at the Swissporarena: pregame strippers. Bernard Alpstaeg has petitioned the Swiss FA to allow ‘sexy dancers’ strut their stuff before kickoff.

“We are doing well this season and we have a great team, but we want to be even more attractive,’ said Alpstaeg.”I want a show before kick-off. I want scantily clad strippers and sexy dancers to entertain fans before the game. The stadium would be full – that’s guaranteed!”

I’m pretty sure they tried that idea in Basketball, although those arenas seemed fairly small.

FCL, is currerntly fifth in the Swiss Super League standings after seven matches. The club is averaging a shade over 11,000 fans at the Swissporarena which opened in 2011.

In the distance, Sepp Blatter nods like a dirty old man in approval of his countryman’s idea to boost attendance. [Via Metro]

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