Dez Bryant Retweeted a Picture of a Vagina, Didn't See What the Big Deal Was, But Deleted It Anyway

Dez Bryant’s mentions on Twitter have blown up in the last few minutes after Bryant retweeted a picture of a woman’s vagina, adding, “Shit nasty.” I saw the tweet – and regrettably the picture – myself, but failed to get a screengrab before Bryant deleted it when people responded negatively. (And if you go looking for a RT, don’t click the link. It is NSFW and not worth it.)

Bryant, who had 9 catches, 141 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, has done his best to stay out of trouble so far this season. I guess the Cowboys will have to add “no lewd images on Twitter to the Dez Bryant Rules.

dez-bryant-tweets[h/t: @arkansasfred]

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