Brandon Lloyd is Starring in a Zombie Movie with Daniel Baldwin, Won't Be Catching Passes for the Patriots

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Brandon Lloyd is only 32, had a very good 12-year NFL career, and spent last season with the Patriots. New England is desperate for receiving help with Aaron Hernandez off the team and in jail, Rob Gronkowski still on the mend, and Danny Amendola hurt (again).

So why not call Lloyd, who is familiar with Brady and the Patriots offense?

Well, he’s acting now. Lloyd is in a zombie movie. Yes, really. From the Republican:

Lloyd stars in an upcoming zombie movie with Daniel Baldwin called “After Effect” that is scheduled to be released, direct-to-DVD, on Oct. 8. Lloyd is cast in the film as Sargent Chuck Lloyd.

At least six teams are rumored to have called Lloyd seeking his services, but it appears he’s got the acting bug. As recently as 2010, Lloyd led the NFL in receiving yards while catching passes from Kyle Orton in Denver. The coach of that team? Josh McDaniels. Currently, McDaniels is the offensive coordinator for the – wait for it – Patriots.

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