Roundup: Ben Affleck Talks Batman, Kevin Ware is Dunking Again & Shark Takes Camera From Photographer

lola ponceLola Ponce, an Argentine singer … Florida’s weirdness dates back to the 1920s, says this story … will there be a ton of college basketball players named Kobe in the coming years? … shark rips camera from the hands of photographer … someone actually ranked fonts? … great news – Hangovers get better with age! … Mexico has its first openly gay mayor … Sylvie van der Vaart hanging out in St. Tropez … historic floods in Mexico kill 41 … Wisconsin grads who have kids sometimes name their kids something Badger-related … homeless man in Boston finds backpack with $40,000 … “Police accuse Fort Bragg soldier and his wife of making pornography with dogs” … white, male, high school seniors in rural areas are prone to binge drinking … there’s a site called Bustle, but you won’t want to read it after clicking this … 13 killed by gunman at the Navy Yards in DC …

It wasn’t pretty, but the Bengals beat the Steelers, 20-10, on Monday Night Football. [Cincinnati.com]

Yes, there seems to be real panic in Pittsburgh, especially with 2-0 Chicago coming in next week. [Post-Gazette]

This 80-year old weight lifter has been labeled a doping cheat. [NYT]

“The meeting led to the success behind the Pirates’ first winning season since 1992: an agreement to adopt perhaps the most aggressive, systematic approach to run prevention — from alignment to pitching strategy — in baseball history.” [Trib Live]

Sports fans: If your teams lose, you’ll be eating more fatty foods. [Well]

“Vassar soccer player takes progressively more ridiculous roster photos.” [Extra Mustard]

After 17 seasons with the Rockies, Todd Helton has decided to retire. [Denver Post]

You know people are itching for the NBA when they’re already doing lists of teams that could prevent the Heat from their 3rd straight title. [LA Times]

Wait, the KC Royals are in the Wild Card race? Seriously? [Star]

West Virginia linebacker booted from the team last week after arrest for alleged rape. [Gazette]

Cool time-lapse video of the Costa Concordia being raised.

Adam Lefkoe continues to impress: Wrestlecast, Seinfeldcast, and now, Rapcast.

Kevin Ware is dunking again!

Come on Doomsday folks, you know you love this underground house in Las Vegas.

It’s sacrilegious to say, but I’m a Ben Affleck fan.

College marching bands have a habit of doing really cool things. [via Hot Clicks]

Because you want to see it first!

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