Jay Cutler and His Wife Kristin Cavallari Appeared on "The League"


Jay Cutler and his wife, Kristin Cavallari, were on FX’s FXX’s “The League” on Wednesday night. They discussed playground equipment looking like genitalia, wife swapping, and how badly the Bears offensive line has been. Also, there was a lot of bathroom humor. And Cutler and Cavallari both looked quite fit. In fact, it was, a great showing for the Cutlers overall. Let’s hope they become recurring characters in The League’s universe. Who could have imagined that Jay Cutler had the potential to be a likable sitcom star?

jay cutler and kristin cavallari on the league 1 jay cutler and kristin cavallari on the league 2

(Lets not kid ourselves, smoking Jay Cutler out-kicked his coverage.)


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