Dodgers Celebrated Clinching the NL West with a Swim in the Chase Field Pool

The Los Angeles Dodgers trailed the Arizona Diamondbacks by 9.5 games on June 22. Today at Chase Field, Los Angeles clinched the National League West with 10 games to spare after rallying for a 7-6 win over Arizona.

How did the Dodgers’ players cap their celebration? By running across the outfield to party in the pool positioned behind the outfield.

Naturally the some of the Arizona players, including Willie Bloomquist took exception to the celebration.

This celebration seems okay. If you’re going to install a pool in the outfield, this sort of thing could eventually happen, baseball decorum be damned. (And if we want to split hairs, a pool in the outfield is probably breaks one of baseball’s “unwritten rules” in the first place.)

Anyways, there is clearly no love lost between these two teams.  If you’ll recall back in June they staged an epic 1980s-tinged brawl. Figure some of the lingering hard feeling from that fight came into play during the impromptu pool party.

Also, if a team clinches at Milwaukee’s Miller Park they better use Bernie Brewer’s slide to celebrate. The stakes have been raised.

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