Roundup: Powerball Winner in South Carolina, Birdman Catfished, RIP Ken Norton

heidi-klumHeidi Klum … meet the hookers of Grand Theft Auto VTed Mosby was a man whore … a couple pictures from Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s wedding … Jimmy Fallon enlisting improv troupes for live ads … if you live in NYC and have 2 jobs, you don’t necessarily have a home … Beanie Baby creator has to pay $53.5 million for tax evasion … streaker is a “serial prankster” … sounds like that last guy needs a “serial beating” … more tragedy from the Navy Yard shooting … a stabbing over rock music … man creates expensive sub using $140 worth of McDonald’s … truck full of champagne crashes …. Zac Efron just got out of rehab for cocaine … someone in South Carolina won Powerball … if it was Clowney he can turn down the Browns … 

Ken Norton died yesterday at 70. He handed Muhammad Ali one of his 5 career loses. [CNN]

Not only did the Browns trade Trent Richardson, they named Brian Hoyer starting QB. [CBS]

Chris Andersen was catfished and reverse catfished. Basically. [Denver Post]

How far did Rocky run in Rocky II? [The Philly Post]

Young football player dies after being bitten by ants. [NY Daily News]

So what has CBS been doing while FOX and the other networks have fought over sports? [Sports Business Daily]

Pete Carroll complained about crowd noise when he was coaching USC. [Next Impulse Sports]

There is an armless bodybuilder. She is pretty amazing. [ABC]

The Heat aren’t as dangerous. Also, Dolphins fans have an odd viewing situation on Sunday. [Miami Herald]

Not only are the Florida Panthers for sale, but someone might want to buy them. [NY POST]

“White hoodrat”  gets in fight on the bus.

Matt Harvey went on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about Qualcomm. Did you see this? Did you hear about this?

Skateboarding goat.

Utah players did a “baptism” before the season, now people are making a big deal about it ahead of their game against BYU.

Nailed it.

Because you want to see it first!

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