Italian Soccer Coach Caught Spying on Rivals "Like Rambo," in Camouflage From Woods


The rivalry between Italian soccer clubs Genoa and Sampdoria is truly some next-level stuff . Two years ago Genoa fans staged a mock funeral in the streets of the city when Samp were relegated to Serie B — it’s Italian soccer, what else would you expect?

Last week the rivalry went to even more absurd levels when Genoa youth-team goalkeeper’s coach, Luca De Prà, attempted to spy on Sampdoria’s training seassion. De Prà didn’t take the Bobby Valentine route by slapping on a fake mustache. Instead he went full John Rambo with camouflage gear in the woods to lurk and and pry valuable intel on his rivals. Let this be a lesson, commit to the part — go all-in.

One slight problem: the camo didn’t do a good enough job and De Prà was discovered. I’m assuming Italy’s version of Brian Dennehy found him when he went to take a leak in the bushes.

After the capture, Sampdoria released the photo and issued a downright terrific statement on the incident. The Italian-to-English translation only enhances it.

“Like a new Rambo hidden among the branches of the hill, Luca De Pra, goalkeeping coach of Genoa, has not been able to counter the counter-intelligence and counter-espionage of Sampdoria.
“No prisoner[s were taken], however, and there was no unnecessary bloodshed.
“Once tracked down, he was caught with his hands in the infamous jam. The soldier on the other side was left free to return to their base. Moreover, you should always forgive your enemies: nothing annoys them more.”

There is so much goodness in that statement, I’ll let it speak for itself. “Hands in the jam” might be the best phrase I’ve read on the Internet in all of 2013. (Hey, quiet, it’s not a euphemism!)

Military regalia seems to be a common theme around Italian soccer, earlier this year Atalanta fans made news for driving over cars painted in the colors of their rivals in a fan-owned tank.

Here’s the aforementioned funeral.

What will these two think of next? [H/T Began in 96]

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