Martina Hingis, Who Cheated on Her Husband Twice, Reportedly Beat Him Up with Help From Her Mom [UPDATE]


Martina Hingis, who spent 209 weeks as the No. 1 ranked women’s tennis player in the world, is in the news again following another bizarre incident with her estranged husband. In July, her husband, Thibault Hutin, revealed to the media that Hingis was a “serial adulterer” and that after just one year of marriage, he walked in on her with another man. But the poor sap took her back … and then he caught her cheating again.

The latest incident is even crazier: Hutin was sitting at home recently when Hingis, her mom, and her mom’s boyfriend showed up at his place. They proceeded to kick his ass, according to Blick, which was translated by Guyism:

“On Monday evening, I was in our shared apartment when the doorbell rang. In the course of a dispute to Martina and her mother Melanie Molitor pounced on me, beat me and scratched. My upbringing forbids me to beat women. I resisted every effort, as suggested to me Mario Widmer, the partner of Melanie, the DVD player to the head. ”

But that’s not enough. When Hutin neck plunges over head out of the house, he finds that his passport and his credit cards are gone. Straightway he went to the police in Pfäffikon. “The policemen went with me back to the apartment and forced the three to surrender my valuables.”

The most difficult thing here to wrap my head around? That Martina Hingis is one of the 10 best women’s tennis players of all time and now she’s seems to be a raving lunatic. I never spent a second wondering what Martina Hingis would do after tennis, but it involved none of the above, that’s for sure. [Blick via Guyism]

[UPDATE: Matt Cronin spoke to someone in the Martina Hingis camp, who called the Blick allegations “total non-sense.” It is unclear why she pulled out of an upcoming tournament and remains out for the rest of 2013.]

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