Podcast Interview With Archie Manning on Book of Manning, His Career, and Raising Two Quarterbacks

Archie Manning

I got to talk to Archie Manning again yesterday, right after the Book of Manning documentary aired on Tuesday Night as part of the “SEC Storied.” If you have not seen it, I would highly recommend it. I got to interview Archie last year and he is a truly enjoyable interview, so of course, with the release of the documentary this week, I said yes to hearing from him again.

He is again a spokesperson for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Awards, which you can participate in here. We talk about that, some of the things in the Book of Manning, and his days in college. We also talk about Peyton’s amazing performance and his knowledge of Joe Kapp, and I quiz Archie on his playing days. Oh, and he shares the one part of the final cut of Book of Manning that he had an issue with. Here you go:

And for those that want to hear the parody song that was written back in Archie’s playing days, “Ballad of Archie Who”, that we reference, here it is.

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